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Here and there, I will write and post what I think something that might be of public interest. In all cases, the scope of this blog, is to have an interaction with all of you coffee lovers, and if you love the environment…..well, you are more than welcome to jump aboard……, I am not an English mother tongue and I am not an editor, therefore you get the point.

January 11, 2016

From a Popular Discussion Forum on LinkedIn.

Espresso, specialty coffee or not? I wrote:
Not only it is a part, but definitely it is the most and craftsman part of the specialty. If, according to many, roasting it is not really hard(usually people who came in the business inventing themselves….and in some cases they made a lot of money) and assuming we use the same beans, what is the difference/s in different espresso blend? Test, fragrance, color.

Very open to entertain discussion at all levels with content of know out of what the subject requires.