• Our signature blend


The first, the only, and the finest Italian roasted coffee in Los Angeles for the most refined palates.

To make a the best espresso, several key elements are necessary. For sure and it is a MUST, an Espresso is a blend of several Single Origin coffee.

We don’t believe in making an Espresso with one Single Origin coffee only. It is a NO NO situation and it is just wrong.

Blending coffee beans for an Espresso is the highest craftsmanship a roaster should have.

If roasting a Single Origin coffee, or roasting overall, according to many is not that difficult, what really differentiates the artisan is the blending of coffee beans to obtain the greatest MISCELA (blend of beans) for an Espresso and achieving the same consistency years over years and years to come, to what an Espresso with Class and Tradition should be.

Because roasting a Single Origin coffee and calling it Espresso is not the traditional way of blending a true Espresso.

Lillo Caffe’ distinguishes itself from the myriad of coffee brands with its selected blend of “Espressino® ”.